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 LpHong PhraSangkajai Jade Bronze
 Wat Petchburi
 6x8 inch
      Luangpu Hong PhraSangkajai statue, made of Jade+Bronze, bless/chanted ceremony by Luangpu Hong B.E.2549(2006).

PhraSangkajai the great monk, one enlightened monk since Buddha time and early start of B.E. PhraSangkajai by Luangpu Hong bless/chanted at B.E.2549 ceremony and special blessing by Luangpu Hong and Luangpu Key again at "Promkhun 94" ceremony B.E.2554(2011) by service.

Blessing great wealth luck fortune. At buttom attached with sacred holy powder blessed by Luangpu Hong, blessing protection from dangers/misfortune evils/darkness curse black magic.

One holy statue with powerful blessing fortune.

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