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 Gumarnthong Leklai
 Wat Tumfad
 2.3x3.5 cm
Legend of Somdej Phra Puttajarn To Promransri, Thailand

Gumarnthong Leklai B.E.2553(2010)

Gumarnthong made of Phong Lek-Lai amulet, ceremony wai-kru(worship elders/masters spirits) at WatTumfad 5-7 Febuary B.E.2553(a.d.2010).

Gumarnthong Lek-Lai Theparith blessing protection to prayer home, support buy/sell trading business and bring good fortune, can worship/pray at altar or wear as amulets.

Good blessing holy items, Luangpor Jumnean and Kruba Subin also joined the ceremony with many others guru monks at WatTumfad temples.

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