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 LpSomchai Gumarnthongfu
 Wat Darnkwian
 2x3 inch
Legend of Somdej Phra Puttajarn To Promransri, Thailand

Luangpor Somchai's Gumarnthongfu B.E.2554

Luangpor Somchai, abbot of WatDankwain temple.

Gumarnthongfu holy statue by Luangpor Somchai bless/chanted ceremony on 13 January B.E.2554(a.d.2011). Blessing fast wealth luck fortune, good luck in money, successful wishes, wealthful prosperity. Bring kindness from people, good buy/sell trading business. Welcome customers, protection and safe wealth at home. Bless/chanted by Luangpor Somchai.

Made from 7 earth/soil from 7 graveyards, old remains from old times people, ittijay white holy powder, red ants clay, gumarnthong herbs and many ingredientsmaterails include inside, beautiful plated with gold.


Gumarnthongfu's mantra

Namotassa Pakawatoh Arrahatoh Summa Sumputassa (3 times)

Ahom-jit Ahom-jit-tang Ma-pan-ta-nang Yu-nai-duang-jai Pi-tu-gaw Ahom-sa-wa-hub (7 times)


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