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Info > The Great King Rama 9th

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The King of Thailand

With full love and respect, this page create for everyone to have a veiw at our King. Our great father.

The Sixtieth Anniversary Celebrations of His Majesty's Accession to the Throne

A reign of righteousness

Thailand celebrates 60 years under a beloved King

" I shall reign with righteousness for the happiness and benefit of the Siamese people "

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej was barely out of his teens when he made that oath 60 years ago. Comprising only 14 words, the oath was deceptively simple, yet it meant commitment to a life time of sacrifice and hard work for the sake of the Thai people and nation.

It has been 21,923 days since His Majesty's accession to the throne, and over the past 60 years he has remained true to his word. Throughout his reign His Majesty has dedicated himself and his whole life to improving the well being and the standard of living of his subjects in all corners of the country.

To His Majesty no place is too remote nor too dangerous to visit. The regional palaces in the North, South and Northeast have served not as places for rest and recreation but as bases for royal visits to the far corners of the Kingdom so that he could see and hear for himself the problems of his subjects.

With rational use of the environment and natural resources, and with great wisdom and understanding of the people's needs and sentiments, he has devised countless agricultural and development projects that have made the lives of Thai people, especially farmers and the rural poor, much easier.

As a constitutional monarch His Majesty is not involved in politics and the day-to-day running of the country, yet he has done more than anyone else in turning the people's hopes into reality and served as their refuge in times of trouble. This total devotion has earned His Majesty the unreserved love and respect of the people, making him one of the most beloved monarchs in Thailand's 900-year history.

On Friday, June 9,2006, His Majesty the King and the whole Thai Kingdom celebrated the 60th anniversary of His Majesty's accession to the throne. The anniversary was celebrated with pomp and grandeur befitting the people's love for their King: plays, exhibitions and cultural performances were stages and main avenues were decorated and lighted up as tributes to His Majesty. And to express their love, people throughout the Kingdom donned yellow, the colour of His Majesty's day of birth.

His Majesty has been the longest reigning monarch in the history of Thailand. The longevity of his reign is, in itself, truly remarkable, yet what is much more significant is the fact that he has bridged the gap between past and present, traditional and modern, symbolic and realistic, and has redefined the role of the monarch into a truly contemporary sense of the word.

Long live His Majesty the King! Long may he reign!

The royal emblem

The royal emblem depicts the Royal Monogram of His Majesty the King in a golden yellow colour, the colour of His Majesty's day of birth. It is trimmed in gold on a blue background, which is the colour of the monarchy, and encircled by diamonds, first of gems, symbolising the sages, scribes, craftsmen, important elephants, graceful ladies, valiant soldiers and courtiers who provide their service to the crown with devout loyalty and honesty comparable to diamonds. His Majesty himself is the most precious diamond in the hearts of the people made up of diverse races and religions.

The Royal Monogram is placed on the Noble Throne of Bhadrapith and is surmounted by the Great Crown of Victory -- one of the five items of the Royal Regalia -- and Royal Insignia. Surrounding this are the other four items of Royal Regalia that signify kingship: the Sword of Victory and the Royal Fly Whisk on the left of the Great Crown of Victory, and the Royal Sceptre and the Royal Fan on the rgiht of the Great Crown of Victory. The Royal Slippers are laid under the Noble Throne of Bhadrapith.

Below, on pink sash trimmed with gold, is written in gold an inscription which reads "The Sixtieth Anniversary Celebrations of His Majesty's Accession to the Throne BE2549 (AD2006)". On the right end of the sash is a white mythical monkey warrior holding the golden decorative frame of the emblem. The other end of the sash features a vermilion Garuda with a white face holding the other side of the decorative frame. The background of the emblem is golden green, a combination of the power of the royal day of birth and also the prosperity and fertility of the land nurtured by His Majesty during his reign.

Milestones in His Majesty's life

His Majesty the King acceded to the throne on June 9, 1946, upon the unexpected death of his elder brother, King Ananda Mahidol. The declaration was signed by Pridi Banomyong, the then prime minister.

His coronation did not take place until May 5, 1950, for various reasons. First, he was still under the legal age of consent (he was not yet 20), and he was still studying in Switzerland. Furthermore, the royal cremation of King Ananda Mahidol had to be completed before any celebration could take place.

Thailand now marks Chatramongkhon, or Coronation Day, every May 5, but His Majesty's reign officially began in 1946. According to international tradition, monachs celebrate particular auspicious anniversaries, namely, the 25th anniversary known as the Silver Jubilee, the 50th anniversary knownas the Golden Jubilee, and -- in American tradition -- the 75th anniversary, known as the Diamond Jubilee.

His Majesty the King celebrated his Ratchadapisek, or Silver Jubilee anniversary, in 1971, and his Kanchanapisek Golden Jubilee in 1996. The same was celebrated with major festivities by Prince Rainier of Monaco and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1999 and 2002, respectively.

Never before has any Thai monarch been on the throne for 60 years. The longest reign prior to His Majesty was King Chulalongkorn, Rama V, who reigned for 42 years and 22 days (1868-1910). On July 2, 1988, His Majesty the King celebrated 42 years and 23 days on the throne, and event which was marked by the Rajamangalapisek celebrations to, in the words of His Majesty, "apologise for overtaking King Chulalongkorn".

This year His Majesty the King celebrates the 60th year of his reign, the fifth-cycle anniversary being an auspicious milestone in the Thai tradition. Festivities will be taking place throughout the year, with the focus being on the period from June 8 to 13, highlighted by the attendance of royalty from 25 Kingdom around the world.

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