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Info > PhraSomdej WatRakhang

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PhraSomdej WatRakhang -

(Part of this infomation are from Mr.Treyumpawai(No.01 expert of Phra Somdej) book, i only take a short script out from the A4-600+ pages verify book of Phra Somdej WatRakhang and history of Somdej Phra Puttajarn (Toh) for some good read and information. May Mr.Treyumpawai our great teacher bless by Lord Buddha)

In present day, Some people may heard story, legend of miracle. Story of phopets, a power of god, some magic stuffs or the power of amulets. In thailand, thai people have faith in buddha and amulets which made bless/chant by thai monk. Each person have different interest, which bring satisfy. And this can not be change.

In Thailand society are mixed religion between Buddha and Hindu. That's why thai people have faith in the power of god. In base of Hindu religion which Gods are creator of the world, they have scroll etc. for people to belief and pray. For Buddhism, there are "Dharma" the way of life. Teach of Good/Bad Karma. To do meditate, to success in class or yarn(meditation) to find happiness. The greatest way to stop pain,sorrow.

"Heaven is not up on the cloud and hell is not below the ground, It is where we stand, It's like another side of mirror. Just have to train with your mind (meditate) and you'll see the spirit world is around"

"Not believe, don't disrespect" is the word which been said since an old time for thai people. "Pa-Jud-Tung" mean to know by your own, Lord Buddha give us this word. If i ask Lord Buddha "how is this food taste?" He say"good" i wouldn't trust him until i have taste by myself, As Lord Buddha said not to trust/belief in Lord Buddha himself, but to study Dharma and learn by your own for what belief you can find from the way of Dharma. Since that time buddha travel around the world to expand the teaching of Dharma way of life, to help people those who lose in sadness pain and sorrow. Those who decide to study Dharma join the monk hood and that was once Thai people. Dharma become part of thai people in everyday life. In the morning people can see monk walking around the street and Bin-Ta-Bart which people will give food to monk for good karma. To say hi "Sa-Was-Dee" is to good pray to each other with both hand like when to monk pray with many thing etc. Thailand become the land of buddhism.

Thai people wear the necklace with amulets as faith that amulets will protect them, This started since the war time. Many legend said about thai warrior have been bless with magic to sword, to the clothes they wear, to their head and also amulets. Amulets will help them protect from hate/revenge soul after war. Some said to bring invincible with some katha/mantra, or bullet proof. Anyway there're many story but in this page is the story of Somdej Toh, the story of one greatest thailand monk who create Phra Somdej Watrakhang amulets, the most famous amulet of all times.

In the past, thailand amulets made by many different ingredients such as Din, Chin, Phong, Herb etc or any other ingredients. However "Phra Somdej Phong" batch made by Somdej Puttajarn ( Toh Promrangsri ) abbot of Wat Rakhang Thonburee Bangkok bless/chanted are most famous for all thai people. Also have the highest values for rental 1. Those who already have the faith in Somdej Toh already. 2. About the power of Phra Somdej which Somdej Toh bless/chant with Chinnabunchorn katha etc show to miracle and many story of amulets. 3. Many people wanted, rare and precious. These are some reason why Phra Somdej are the most interest of thailand holy item for collector and bring up high affordable values.

Somdej Puttajarn ( Toh Promrangsri )

"Legend of Somdej Toh"

"History of Somdej Toh" , "PhraSomdej amulets"

Somdej Puttajarn named was "Toh" with no last name ( In the past thailand don't use surname ). He was born in N.BarnGaijun T.Tarluang A.Tarruer Phra Nakhonsreayuttaya Province at 17 April B.E.2331 Thursday. In an era of King Rama 1st. He passed away at Saturday 22 June B.E.2415 which he was 85 years old. In B.E.2343 at the age of twelve, he entered the monk hood ( "Buath" ordain in thai word ) by Phra Bawornviriyatera an abbot of Wat Banglunpoon ( to enter the monk hood, alway require senior monk to do the ceremony for you ) for novice monk as below an age of 21 at Wat Intraviharn. And then in B.E.2370 again at Wat PhraSrirattanasardsadararm to be Narkluang ( the high class of monk which "buath" by Pope of thai monk etc." Archan Toh was ordained by Somdej Phra Sunkarath Sook ( "Sook" is his short name and also Archan Toh teacher, many story and his legend have been told ) at Wat Mahatath. In B.E.2395 at age of 65 turn up to "Phra Racha Kana" at Wat Rakhang. In B.E.2397 at age of 67 have given name/class by the king to be "Phra Tummagitti". In B.E.2407 at age of 77 again by the king, he was given name/class higher to "Somdej Puttajarn" the 5th of Rattanagosin era. ( Somdej eg. Lord, Sir, Highness etc.) *Somdej Phra Sunkarath Sook is Somdej Toh's principle, one of thailand guru monk and the leader of thailand monk council.

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