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Info > 9 Sean Gods

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9 Sean(heads) Guru Gods.

"Phra Issuan"

Phra Issuan is the one who create universe. He have 1 face, 3 eyes, 4 arms. He wear tiger and elephant skin, a cow as his shuttle. His spirit stay in Krairarth mountain, his wife name "Phra Aumar", he had 2 childs name "PhraKhuntagumarn" and "PhraKaned"(Pikaned). He's an original form of PhraShiva, PhraPhrom, PhraNarai.

"Phra Narai"

Phra Narai is the god of righteous, his body has pink/purple skin. 1 face 4 arms, riding garuda with is victorous crown. He's one of the most powerful god, God of fortune and good is his wife.

"Phra Phrom"

Brahma or 4 faces Buddha, PhraPhrom the god of wisdom. 4 faces 8 arms with 2 ladders crown. His wife name PhraSurassawadee god of knownledge. His skin and soul is purify white colour. His blessing are miracle and wisdom.

"Phra Inn"

Phra Inn is ruler of Dowadueng heaven, green skin with thousands eyes. Use thunder as his weapon and riding elephant king "Erawan". He have 4 wives "Sujitra" "Sudhuma" "Sununtha" and "Suchada", he is the god who look after human world.

"Phra Punjasingkorn"

This god used to be a human, a young boy look after a cow and farm. One with strong faith conduct good merit, once he died and travel, his spirit become powerful "Pujasippakondhum Thepabuith", 1 face 4 arms with gold skin. The favorite disciple of Buddha which can visit him by any times.

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