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Info > Kruba Krissana Wai-Kru B.E.2552

Legend of Somdej Phra Puttajarn To Promransri, Thailand

Kruba Krissana Intawanno

Kruba Krissana's 14th wai-kru ceremony 12 Febuary b.e.2552 at Weruwan temple. Wai-Kru is thailand traditional ceremony to pay respect to elders spirits, gods/devas and all respectful monks/teachers/masters. Powerful and great holy ceremony with blessing of mandalas and spirits.

It's alway one holiest ceremony praying and worship spirits at Kruba Krissana's weruwan temple, powerful consecrated holy items with right way of ceremony builded. Setup gift souveniors, amulets/statues and accessories stores from all over Thailand at the temple.

Thousands of people sitting all around at the temple waiting for the ceremony to start, pray and meditate to elders spirits and monks.

Tray with pedestal to pay respect to Kruba Krissana at wai-kru ceremony.

Rice offering or "Baisree" in thai is traditional and very important use to worship in every wai-kru and all ceremony. For thousands of year since Hinduism practise, said that the highest gods spirit will come and stay on the top of the "Baisree".

"Tumboon" in thai mean to conduct good karma, many people make a donation into ceremony to support monks and religion. For the good merits dedicated to their elders and all passed away souls when monk start chanting the dedicate merit mantra at the ceremony.

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