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Info > King of Butterfly 1st Batch

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How to verify King of Butterfly 1st Batch Ai-Mhong b.e.2543(a.d.2000)

By Purt Raksasab official temple agent

Kruba Krissana Intawanno

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At present day, there're many people seeking accurate details provide about the 1st batch called Ai-Mhong King of Butterfly amulets by Kruba Krissana made in b.e.2543(a.d.2000). As known that Kruba Krissana's holy items are very famous, most people collected and wear around the world and most distributed world-wide, working as official temple all these years, the store not only guarantee genuine of the items, but also provided knowledge and details on verification.

For this 1st batch Ai-Mhong, with wrong details and understand provided from many markets both in Thailand and oversea sellers, also in neighbor countries Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia, there're people collected the wrong batch when they had bought, they find out later with different details and information.

My guide here will lead you through the right verification of the batch and other details which will help people to make sure they have collected the right items on a right track. The information/details is standard, provided by mould creators, official temple agent and many experts who spended longest time collected holy items and have best knownledge for King of Butterfly.


Expert's Advice

"Learn by eyes and not by ears"

For all these years i had spended time with many types of amulets, i had bought fake amulets before but never sell one, in the markets world of amulets the person must know that " Learn by eyes and not by ears" is important, which is very hard for oversea people who don't understand thai language and my guide here will help. You must gathered all source of details before your search, this guide is one of them.

"Find a trust dealers/stores"

When you buy amulets, the trust to your sellers and favorites store alway important, as you already know their background and how they provide their service and goods. The seller you can trust is the most important deal in holy items trading business. Because that person/stores will have the real genuine amulet for you.

"Pictures/Photoes tell the truth story"

For new sellers that you just met, you have to be careful. Even sellers or monks at many temples in Thailand, they also can sell fake amulets with false details, some because in need of money, some is what they usually do, and some because they don't even know what they're selling. This happened to many people. Check a lot of magazine, check example images, asked those who you can trust. Find a person or store which shown a lot of prove, lot of photoes to compare. At , Picture tell story is one of our important policy, only words are not enough.

"Cheap and Fake"

When you search for amulets, the most important things is their genuine value and consecrated, not just the price. Amulets are holy items and not a goods. The holy items must be bless/chanted from ceremony by guru monks with right details provide on what you want, this make holy items powerful and bring positive energy, you bless your life with good spirits from them. For fake amulets without bless/chanted, $5 dollars already too expensive. I have see many people who prefer a cheap deal, cheap and fake is what they founded, they don't continue kept them, they trown it away once found out..

"Value in market"

Thailand amulets are holy items and also Buddhist's art piece in Thailand. Many holy items are antique and precious among collectors, people collect and trade them with respect value worthly of the item. Art has no value and priceless, any part of the world shown different kinds of art. In market, people deal holy items as satisfy. Our store guarantee satisfy to customers world-wide all these years with genuine holy items provide with support.

"Language Barrier"

With no offence to other sellers, oversea amulets markets is one risk place to own genuine amulets, the chance buyers will find fake amulets are more. As oversea sellers don't understand thai language, miscomunication alway happened when they took amulets/statues to sell oversea and provided wrong details, sellers don't understand on how to proper worship/use amulets and how to explain details which provided from the temple. Some may come up with their own way from experience, and some even can provide energy searching for their customers.



King of Butterfly amulet

New batch King of Butterfly with beautiful art paint are very easy to verify, as the painted skilled can tell much different from a fake one. EX. People said why my King of Butterfly i got from local store not effective at all, i would replies "Do you really have a genuine one", because King of Butterfly by Kruba Krissana is one of the top chart holy items in Thailand and oversea, they're powerful blessing and effective. At present the 1st batch Ai-Mhong King of Butterfly by Kruba Krissana have offer price up to $25,000 USD, same price level with Saliga Benjarhong and other monk's antique amulets in Thailand.


Genuine and Fake for new batch King of Butterfly amulets.

Though it is different from the 1st batch Ai-Mhong King of Butterfly, many people misunderstand and mistaken collected them not because they don't know how to differentiate on their quality. Instead the batch Ai-Mhong have been made in such complicated way. Some oversea and thai sellers have collected the wrong batch with $500-$1000 USD and sell them at the same price of original 1st batch. This is why's verification will come in handy, that's included you didn't buy $25,000 for the wrong item. For expert and certain people who made these amulets, it is very easy to verify, and for some people yet, you never know what's fake until you know what's real.

When these amulets become famous and precious in market, around b.e.2547(a.d.2004) when Kruba Krissana moved to builded his 2nd temple named "Weruwan", big boom of his colourful King of Butterfly amulets growth in Malaysia/Singapore markets and even in Thailand as unique holy items style, by the time all of 1stBatch Ai-Mhong have already been collected by experts and and confirmed long gone from the temple. Though that time, many people put more interest into colourful King of Butterfly amulets with gold takruts attached.

Original King of Butterfly 1st Batch Ai-Mhong b.e.2543(a.d.2000)

Like any old guru monk's holy items, 1st batch alway precious when time come. Few years later many people had start their search for the amulet, many have collected the wrong one or fake items until today as the amulets have no painted colours on them and no one exactly known how to verify the item, different sellers given different details and information. Some have thought they collected the 1st batch from their trust sellers and found out later with dissapointment. People who face this problem had share with me and they're also my good friend. It is a good time to make this batch verification absolute.

My guide here will shown the best verification details which is fast and easy as my store owned the genuine King of Butterfly 1st batch Ai-Mhong, picture will tell the truth story and give fast understand on how to differentiate between real and wrong batch people had collected. But before this, please allow me to explain history for this amulet.

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