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Info > Genuine and Fake (FAQ)

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Genuine and Fake (FAQ)

I have received many emails all these years about this, also from friends and thailand travel tours service, asked the different on what is genuine and fake amulets, price value of different among them, for this page is create for. Many who share the same passion about holy amulets asked to help verify fakes items or even buy hundred of fake amulets with wholesale price to sell oversea for their store. Our store don't deal fake or help verify amulets here.

Only 100% genuine items provided at and


What is Genuine amulets ?

Genuine amulets made by monks and temples same with statues and other holy items, blessed/chanted under right builded ceremony, consecrate with mantra to make items become holy, made by scared materials regarding each of their masters, knowledge, scrolls, teaching.

Genuine amulets made in limited amount, most of the mould are destroy after ceremony to prevent fake amulets or remade items without bless/chanted. Genuine amulets become more famous when time pass by due to limited amount and items become rare, when amulets become more rare and precious, people start to search hard for.

Price alway rise up through time for genuine amulets, because people trading widely among markets, both in Thailand and many oversea countries. Start by booking price, once released, temple change offer price to different value, widely use and continue among markets trading.

Powerful blessing for each holy items depend on each mantras/monks and ceremonies. Many feedback all these years about good blessing, spiritual stories.

We don't have oversea agent, Though we do have many oversea stores took amulets all these years with trust by our service for genuine amulets. From North-South America, Europe, Asia and neighbour countries, worldwide.


What is Fake amulets ?

Fake amulets never made by monks and temples but by people among market who's looking for benefit in a wrong way, which is scam. Fake amulets never bless/chanted consecrated by mantra under the right builded ceremony to make item holy, it's just simply make for cheap cost with low quality only.

Fake amulets made in no limited amount, mass produce through time non-stop. Mould are not destroy. Fake amulets become problems among market because people keep trading them with no idea about it, information to verify or to ensure about how to compare become hard to find when time pass by, even worst for oversea countries because don't understand language, haven't seen the genuine items when released. Trust me, i do have many photoes from many online stores which are fake recorded here, it's not my place to post on my website and bring offensive that's all, it's pointless.

Price is never change for fake items through time, cheap and fake items value stay there wait for right owner to buy with no idea about it. And some even think "I buy amulet with good deal", sure because i was one of them too years back. Every collectors sure bought fake with no idea when they start into amulets market worlds. And yet, we do still love cheap items, maybe because money make many people go crazy and too happy. :) Not effect to many great monks which are great men here though.

Cheap and fake, made in low quality or copied with similar look. Price is never change through time, mass produce, no limited amount, unholy.

Fake items shown no effective, some even used black magic materials which bring curse or negative force effect into life fortune, some even experienced hard time having this items in their house/office or business. I see several people who's good enough to belive that their fake items are genuine and their genuine items are fake by just words and by price value their took from, yup there's alway something inside us. :)


Trough all this guide, it's still a wonderful world of amulets. These items are powerful blessing holy items with many great stories, which change many lives. This nature world we're living in, soul/spirit/spiritual is a part of nature, and holy items made to support/protect our spirit, bring positive blessing in a good way. Just like what elders alway said. "Follow elders and dog don't bite", things sure will not go wrong by our elders good wishes teach us for many generations, and i am alway thankful for it. Remember though, price don't change value of amulets, just like money or position don't change value of human. It's our mind define what's truly worthly.

Amulets also one of the finest art by Thailand Buddhism culture created with strong passion for thousands of years. Art is priceless for all times and people deal with satisfy by hundreds of years. And regarding the law of karma(action with consequence). Then the right items alway belong to their right owners regarding their karma, and yes blessing by spirits. May us all be bless with happy everyday.

( FAQ - Nov 2011)


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