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 5x7 inch
History of Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang Amulets Bangkok - Thailand

Luangpu Key's PhraRarhu God of Protection.

PhraRarhu is one of the oldest creation Gods/deity that keep the balance since the dawn of universe, Power of Rarhu emblem of the most powerful Spirit energy that eaten the sun and moon regarding the cause of eclipse stars.

Rarhu is the God that base on dharmachakra the wheel of life, by the teaching pass down in dharma with many legend and stories for generations, Rarhu Giant shown that even darkness giant would fight to keep the light even once he's the darkness himself, to maintain the balance of nature.

The power of Rarhu blessing strong luck with protection to fortune. Many worship/pray to Rarhu for great wealth and protection from evils/darkness sickness. Many holy items made of Rarhu, to bring power of stars to fortune.

In Thailand Rarhu God defind as one Guardian, that keep the universe flow with spirits fortune, the powerful God that holding the wheel of all fortune that grant strong luck to those who support the way. Those who pray/worship to the universe/nature hold by Rarhu, they're welcome blessing by all spirits who worship Rarhu for thousands of years.

Dharmachakra the wheel of fortune, base by Rarhu. Founded B.E.5-15th, art of Dvaravati era (1,2)

One finest art from Thailand , illustrated of different realm/universe or hell/heaven where spirits travel for all eternity regarding their law of karma, each actions on each life. And a realm of Rarhu, where the creators of eclipse stars stay.

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Luangpu Key is one famous monk in Thailand for rarhu types of statues. The statue is the rare batch in Thailand. Attached inside with holy white powder, 3 silver trakruts, Red herb PhraRarhu amulets. The statue special chanted again at by Luangpu Key, abbot of the temple. Phra Rarhu statue mainly used to place at home or business place to bless strong protection against evils/darkness. To bring great fortune and prosperity to prayer.

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