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 Nirvana Meditaion Music
Legend of Somdej Phra Puttajarn To Promransri, Thailand

Nirvana Meditation music

Heaven. Journey's end for the heart that is pure and has reaped its rewards

In this huge universe, soul (Citta) travel through eternity. Since their first breath of life, they proclaim their search, until their last breath, when they can claim victory. From the beginning of the journey until they attain eternal Dhamma, the path of life for creatures both large and small lies in the deep serenity of the heart.

Hundreds of millions of lives and universes fill up the ocean of Dhamma.

The levels of heaven

Catummaharajika 42,000 Yojanas away from the earth is the abode of the 4 protectors of the world: Lord Tatarat who rules over the demi gods and angels; Lord Viruhaka who rules the sea creatures; Lord Virupak who commands the slithering creatures of the underworld and Lord Vessawanna who oversees the demons.

  • Tavatimsa lies above Mount Sumeru. The palaces are all finished with heavenly, precious stones and inhabited by countless angels. In the middle is an enormous place where the leader Lord Sakka resides
  • Yama is a heavenly abode that is even more intricately delicate. This level of heaven is higher than Tavatimsa. Here, there is neither sunlight nor moonlight because Yama lies above the sun. The angels themselves radiate light.
  • Tusita is the abode of gods and angels who live in harmony. It is located mid-air in the sky. There are 3 types of palatial mansions: glass, gold and silver. There is a heavenly park for relaxation. This level of heaven is mainly for wise men and Dhamma schoolar, and those blessed with a holy following such as Bodhisattava or Buddha's Devaputta mother.
  • Nimmanarati is a heavenly domain where the 5 sensual pleasures are enjoyed. Angels can conjure whatever they desire. When it is time to undergo birth, the angel hears words urging him to return to this place of happiness
  • Paranimmitavasavatti is the highest level of heaven where the greatest objects of sensual enjoyment is enjoyed.
  • Brahmaloka is higher up than the 6 levels of Kamavacarabhumi. The angels who inhabit this domain are completely happy and are known as Rupabrahma.
  • Rupabrahma The 16 levels are Parisajja, Purohita, Mahabrahma, Parittapa, Appamanapa, Apassara, Parittasupa, Appamanasupa, Supakinha, Vehapphala, Asannisatta, Aviha, Atappa, Sudassa, Sudassi, Akanittha
  • Arupabrahma The 4 levels are Akasanancayatana, Vinnanancayatana, Akincannayatana and Nevasannanasannayatana. Although it is a blessed place that is delicately ornate and full of happiness, it still falls in the realm of the three characteristics, that is, impermanence, suffering and not-self. So when merit as depleted, there is rebirth, according to the merits that have been accumulated in the precious life gathered.
  • Nirvana is the ultimate goal of all mandkind. It is the extinction of all defilements and sufferings. This blissful state is high above of all realms. In order to attain Nirvana, one must free one's mind from defilements through meditation practice.

Compiled from buddhist scriptures by Mahasatien Suwannatito

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