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 PhyaSrisuttanakararth 7Dragons
 Wat Tumfad
 3.5 cm
Legend of Somdej Phra Puttajarn To Promransri, Thailand

Ancient chinese dragon is a son of God who passed from heaven to be born in the human world. He is a symbol of the sky, a representative of the Emperor who had been born as a God of the East more than 4,000 years ago according to th Chinese legend record. The dragon is considered as having more power than any other large and small animals with a horn resembled the antler, big, fierce-looking eyes, covered its entire body with 117 scales and its soles are like those of the king eagle with 5 claws. It was believed by the ancient Chinese that the dragon's saliva could cause the magic crystal ball known as "The Pearl of the Moon" or "The Pearl of the Fertility" to be produced. The characteristics of dragon was used as the symbol decorated on the Emperor's wearing apparels. The dragon has become the representatives of power, fortune and prestige, greatness, fertility, auspice, luck, wealth and long life. The Emperor of the various dynasties believed that drinking the water in the container dipped with the gold coin with engraved dragon on it would help to enchance the golden element that could treat and cure the diceases.

Case include as shown

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