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 PhraAuppakuith Chana Marn
 Wat Tungsretthi
 5x10 inch
Untitled Document

Mahasretthi Chana Marn B.E.2553

"High Quality PhraAuppakuith Statue"

Luangpu Nen Kumpiroh, abbot of WatBangaset Tungsretthi. PhraAuppakuith amulet (Maha Tera - Great Monk) batch "Mahasretthi Chana Marn"(Millionair victory over all evils). Ceremony bless/chanted by Luangpu Nen 30 October B.E.2553(a.d.2010).

During the 3 months season when monk only allow to spend time at their temple. Luangpu Nen was doing gumatarn meditation the whole 3 months without talking to anyone, without visitors allow. The 3 whole months he spend time meditation and blessing to consecrated this powerful amulet. Same like an old way many elders guru monks in the past would do.

During the meditation. Luangpu Nen also invited the blessing of PhraAuppakuith, to make the holy items powerful consecrated and effective for people.

According to "Legend of PhraAuppakuith" who is one of PhraArrahun(Enlightened One) predicted by Buddha, one with great spiritual power. When the King Asoka celebrate 84,000 relics of pagoda. There're many evils try to distrub this auspice ceremony. PhraAuppakuith was the one who purify all evils/darkness.

Many important worship holy ceremony in Thailand or religion activities. There's alway mantras to invite PhraAuppakuith's spirit and blessing to come lead the ceremony. To help protect from all evils that could disturb. People wear PhraAuppakuith amulets when travel oversea, or people who trave alot of place to different lands.

The name "PhraAuppakuith" is mean "Pu Khumkrong Raksa"(One who safe and protect others). He is a disciple of PhraMaha Gassapa, love to stay peaceful and isolated from people, stay with himself and don't like to contact with others. PhraAuppakuith also like to do "Niroth Samabut" meditation at his glass castle in middle of the sea.

(Niroth Samabut) is one to seek the shut. Niroth is the end all memory and emotions, which maximum to 7 days. This meditation only PhraArrahun and PhraAnakami who hold 8 samabut can do. That's why many people alway wait to offer 1st meal foods to monks after their long meditation, as belive the good karma will shown back at present life and because the 7 days without food. Body of the monk will need extra food.

PhraAuppakuith can wear as amulet or worship. How to worship PhraAuppakuith.

Place the amulet in the bowl(etc.) with clean water, never let water dry. Worship with 9 Lotus, honey, all sweets, water, 3 garland, no meat, 9 incense. Then pray/wishes with PhraAuppakuith mantras.

PhraAuppakuith's mantra

Namotassa Pakawatoh Arrahatoh Summa Sumputassa (3 times).

Aup-pa-kuith-toh Ja Ma-ha-te-roh Sum-put-te-na-vi-ya-ga-ta-ma-run-ja-ma-ra Pa-lan-ja-so-it-ta-ni Ma-ha-te-roh Na-mas-sid-ta-wa-pa-tid-thi-toh-a-hang-wan-ta-mi-it-ta-ne-wa Aup-pa-kuith-tang-ja-ma-ha-te-rung Yung Yung Au-pad-wang-cha-tang Vi-tang-say-thi Ma-ha-la-pung Pa-wan-tu-may


Phra Aupakuith image were made regards one PhraArrahun enlightened monk after the Buddha time around B.E.218, The monk are powerful guru same as PhraMokalana one of the first five disciple of Buddha.

Phra Aupakuith legend said he born in family name of "Vanith" His father job is sellng perfume at Matura province, He have 2 older brothers. His father promise PhraSarnvari(Sarnsumputh) that if he have to son he'll let him ordain join the buddha hood. Phra Aupakuith was the one who listen the dharma teaching from PhraSarnvari and decide to ordain.

According to the book "Pathomsompothkata" by SomdejPhramahasamanajaogrom Phrapalamanuchit Chinoroth (The 7th PhraSunkararth leader of thailand monk coucil of Thailand Jakri dynasty) It was the prediction of Buddha said that when the Buddhist era has pass for 218 years. There will be one monk name Aupakuith who destroy an evil. The legend said of the King Sridhumasokararth who want to gather all Buddha relic to place at Relic Pagoda altar he have builded 84,000 place all over india. The big ceremony will take 7 years 7 month 7 days.

The king was worried that something bad misfortune will happen, then he asked the monk council to look into the matter and ready for this. The junior monk then appear at the council and tell the senior to invite PhraAupakuith to the council for this matter. The king was in doubt that will he be good enough, he test him with the crazy elephant. Phra Aupakuith then use his spell to calm the elephant. With this test, the king have bow and pray to the monk.

It is not welcome for evils and bad spirits when human and gods worship the relics. The evils try to destroy the ceremony with many kind of disaster. PhraAupakuith can fix the problem everytime. He chant the dog's head hang around the evils for 7 years 7 months 8 days until the ceremony finish which bring the shame to all evils. Thus later on these evils have listen to the Dharma teaching and pray that they'll become Buddha in future, PhraAupakuith then release them at later time.

With the buddha's story and legend of god. Buddhism have builded image of PhraAupakuith for pray/worship and to protect from all dangers and misfortune or bad spirits. At present in many ceremony the monk will chant worhsip PhraAupakuith for protection and success in the ceremony and all kind of works.

PhraAupakuith is an Arrahun enlightened monk who meditation at the castle in the middle of an ocean. Any sea man or sailor would pray to him for a safe fortune during travel oversea and anything relate to an ocean.


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