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 PhraSangkajai Pidda Mahalarp
 Wat Koakmor
 6x10 inch
Untitled Document

PhraPidda Mahalarp

PhraPidda Mahalarp bless/chanted by 6 guru monks, ceremony B.E.2554(2011) at WatKoakthong temple.

Great PhraPidda statue blessing wealth fortune, handicraft made of high quality teak(golden brown colour) wrote with yants blessing mantras, holy water with beautiful fragrance cover all body, holy powder ball ittijay attached at center. Takrut, mantra plated craft with protection mantras then rolled attached at buttom, words "PhraPidda Mahalarp"(Monk closing eyes Great Luck).

PhraPidda is image of PhraSangajai the great monk, enlightened monk with healthy body, worship to bring great wealth luck fortune, place at home/office business place. Pidda is when Sangkajai closed his eyes and founded enlightenment. Blessing peaceful happiness and great wealth fortune. Sangkajai/PhraPidda statues bless/chanted for prosperity and protection to bring peaceful life fortune.

PhraKru Vimondhamasunthon, abbot of WatTarphrajarernpod. Luangpor Auan, abbot of WatNorngradhon. Luangpor Deth, abbot of WatSangkamongkon.

Luangpor Chalor, abbot of WatKaodin. PhraArcharn Tor, abbot of WatSingthong. PhraArcharn Pichet, abbot of WatKoakmor, lead the ceremony consecrate holy amulets/statues at the temple.

Bless/chanted from good ceremony by guru monks with many people joined.


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