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 Wealth Spider Leklai 3 King takruts
 Wat Tumfad
 1.7x1.7 cm
Legend of Somdej Phra Puttajarn To Promransri, Thailand

Wealth Spider Leklai 3 King takruts B.E.2554

Luangpor Vatchara's wealth spider Mangmoom Mahalarp blessing great wealth luck fortune. Ceremony wai-kru worship elders/masters spirits at WatTumfad B.E.2554(2011). Given batch name "Phya Mangmoom Duksab".(Spider King trap wealth)

Many great guru monks from the past to present day made amulet bless/chanted with heart of spider mantras, the powerful spells to bring fast wealth fortune. Luangpu Sook from WatPakrogmakamtao, Kruba Krissana Intawanno. Luangpu Supar from WatSerasupararm. Like a web of spiders, to alway have full supply without searching flow into life, all the good luck fortune, wealth money supplies come into the web of spider.

Luangpor Vatchara bless/chanted wealth spider amulet, he said he'll made holy items that will bring people prosperous fortune, successful in luck, good for people who working and doing business. Which fit for economy at present day, all foods/supplies's cost are raise, oil is more expensive. Luangpor Vatchara then look for an auspice time to open ceremony, worship and invited elders/gods spirits to bring good blessing, invited masters and guru monks who bless many spiders amulets to the ceremony. Bless/chanted by heart of spider mantras, wealth and luck mantras. All the foods/supplies arrive at it's mouth, only have the webs ready. No hungry, no desparate. Full and satisfy always. Full with power and protection in everyday. (Translated from message by Luangpor Vatchara).

1) ReakSab(Calling Wealth) - Any customers or anyone who attach to wearer, they bring good wealth fortune to wearer.

2) DakSab(Trap Wealth) - Every spiders have their webs, to earn foods/supplies from all directions.

3) Protection - Spider is not an easy prey. Their web made them a good defend and protection.

4) Alway full - Never hungry, never desparate. Always full with happiness.

Frontside, image of Luangpor Vatchara meditation blessing good fortune and protection. Backside high quality gems attached, genuine temples stamp code. 3 King takruts style attach Gold/Silver/Copper, craft with mantra then bless/chanted rolled into takrut for strong protection. Luangpor Vatchara's gesa(hairs) attached as the highest part of the guru monk himself bring good blessing into fortune. Leklai powerful materials attach. Monk's robe attached.

Good size amulet fit for all ages and gender.

One great amulets with many consecrate materials. Powerful blessing into fortune.

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