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Since 2003 Website have receive many donatation from people around the world through our service, the money you have donate help the monks in the temple, electricity and construction. Please decide which place or temple you want to donate, your conduction of good karma will list here. Thank you all so far with support to the land of Buddha. May Buddha bless you a great fortune. *Paypal payment do not accept donation, please use other payment methods.

Donate to
 Mr.Sing (Newyork USA) Kruba Krissana Wat Weruwan$300.00Nov 24, 2007
 Mr.Stan (Penang Malaysia) Luangpor Joy Wat Nohnthai$300.00May 14, 2007
 Ms.Ruby (Macau) Luangpu Hong Wat Petchburi$150.00Oct 08, 2007
 Mrs.Maria (New-Orleane USA) Kruba Krissana Wat Weruwan$100.00Mar 16, 2006
 Mr.Sutino (Jakarta Indonesia) Luangpu Hong Wat Petchburi$1,150.00Nov 25, 2006
 Mr.Sutino (Jakarta Indonesia) Luangpor Koon Wat Banrai$1,150.00Nov 25, 2006
 Mr.Sutino (Jakarta Indonesia) Kruba Krissana Wat Weruwan$1,150.00Nov 26, 2006
 Mr.Sutino (Jakarta Indonesia) Luangpor Joy Wat Sirimongkonbunyararm$6,000.00Nov 26, 2006
 Mr.Kelvin (Hongkong) Wat Asokararm$80.00May 19, 2006
 Mr.William (Australia) Luangpor Koon Wat Banrai$35.00May 18, 2005
 From Japan Kruba Krissana Wat Weruwan$400.00Mar 04, 2008
 From Phuket Kruba Krissana Wat Weruwan$30.00Apr 30, 2008
 USA Kruba Krissana Intawanno$50.00Jul 30, 2008
 Indonesia Lp.Hong / Lp.Joy / Kruba Krissana$1,000.00Mar 05, 2009
 Indonesia Luangpu Hong WatPetchburi$150.00Mar 05, 2009
 Indonesia LpHong Kruba LpJoy LpKoon$1,800.00May 18, 2009
 From Indonesia Luangpor Joy WatSirimongkonbunyararm$300.00Aug 23, 2009
 Benny Irawan (Jakarta, Indonesia) Luangpu Hong, Wat Petchaburi$10.00Feb 13, 2010
 Willilam Hernandez, Escobar The Buddha$13.00Apr 08, 2010
 Felix Makmur Wat Sirimongkonboonyararm$21.00Jun 30, 2010
 Pontianak Indonesia Wat Nongphong $200 Temple , $600 50"inch Buddha statue$800.00Jul 15, 2010
 Pontianak Indonesia Wat Nongphong 39"inch width Buddha statue$1,900.00Jul 17, 2010
 Tan Tjie Khauw Luangpu Hong Wat Petchaburi$100.00Aug 04, 2010
 Tsen Joon Hin Kruba Krissana Wat Weruwan$50.00Aug 13, 2010
 Kang Chang Cai Kruba Krissana$25.00Dec 22, 2010
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