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Info > PhraSomdej WatRakhang

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How to verify Phra Somdej Watrakhang

By Purt Raksasab

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Image of Somdej Toh and the great King Rama 5th when he was young.

The question i have receive most is about how to authenticate Phra Somdej Watrakhang. The collection of this website are collected since an elders and kept safe in the bank at present. All these information based on Mr.Treyumpawai the guru anthenticator of PhraSomdej Wat Rakhang and a well friend to my father.

Somdej Phra Puttajarn (Toh) Wat Rakhang , made and blessed top famous amulets between B.E 2400-2413. He passed away in B.E.2415 at the age of 85. His all amulets were bless by himself with Chinabanchorn katha(buddha magic). Materials for making the somdejs comprise : Shell lime , Phong Vises (holy powder, ittijay, eaynisinghay), assorted flowers from shine, rice remains after his consumption, lotus, banana, ashes from incense urns, honey, tang oil, etc.There are five Pim of Somdej Wat Rakhang : Pim Yai, Pim Jaydee, Pim Tarnsam, Pim Katebuatoom, Pim Prokbodh the 6th-7th special pim called "Pim Kaizer"and "Pim Guanyu""King of Amulets" is named of Phra Somdej Watrakhang, size is appoximately 2.3x3.5 cm , thick 0.4-0.6cm. Made by Tarn Jao Phrakhun Somdej Phraputtajarn ( To Phromarangsri ) at Wat Rakhang Kositararm B.E.2409.For Pim Yai there are 8 different types/molds. ( This is the famous types/molds, which are all agree in Thailand amulets market create by Luang Vijarn Jereranai the palace gold smith in King Rama 5th reign. Sure there are more special Pim like Kaizer, Guanyu(Red skin), Jawragar(Black skin). But to focus here first is about the famous type in Thailand amulets market )

Here are 2 amulets to compare

Thought the quality may look different. The expert find out it's not easy to judge between these two. The right side PhraSomdej come from the original mould with the right type of verification spot. Follow on next page and will show the genuine collection for King of Thailand amulets PhraSomdej.

Remember that there are a lot of fakes and propaganda items spreading in Thailand's neighbor countries. There're foreigners and oversea agents provide with rumor story and false details the batch Somdej Toh never have made which are cheap and fake amulets, especially in Malaysia and Singapore. So, we must also have knowledge on those fakes and propaganda items for wiping them out from our collection. This is the way we would get only the real good great items. That are excellent value. To acheive this gold, it's a must for us to concentrate on seeing, reading and listening as mentioned. I have seen many fakes from neighbor countries website about Pim Somdej which said that create by Somdej Toh and that's a wrong idea. Then i've decide to expand the information about Phra Somdej (by Somdej Toh) into website. This all base from my father's teacher Mr.Theyumpawai, my father, my grandpa and all thai elder amulets collectors. Thank to them all God bless.

From here i'll go though deeper on how to verify Phra Somdej Watrakhang. Talk about high quality, How can you tell that which Phra Somdej have high quality, let start from basic and important verification spot.

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