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Info > PhraSomdej WatRakhang

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PhraSomdej WatRakhang -

The great King Rama 5th on his young day and Somdej Toh.

"Like to build Hugh things"

Like his name, "Toh" mean Big, Hugh in thai. Somdej Toh have builded many remembrance such as 1) "Phra Puttasaiyarth at Wat Sadue Ayuttaya Province" The biggest sleeping statue of Buddha in Thailand , builded by white lime. To remember that he was born here in Ayuttaya province. 2) "Buddha Statue doing meditate" at Wat Chaiyo in the time of King Rama 4th. Said to remember he was a teacher of dharma there. 3) "Standing Buddha statue" at Wat Intraviharn Bangkhunphom, the highest standing buddha statue in the world. Build in the time of King Rama 4th around B.E.2410 but still not finish, Somdej Toh have passed away in B.E.2415. As remembrance Somdej Toh grow up here. 4) 2 of Sleep Jaydee(pagodas) statue at Wat Lakorntum T.Barnchanglor Tonburee, which base facing each other. Said that Somdej Toh build to keep buddhism's scolls, phra katha/mantra etc. 5) "Budda sitting statue" Wat Gudeethong Ayuttaya Province. 6) "Standing Buddha statue" Wat Krang T.Klongkoi Rathchaburee province.

"Best Dharma lecture"

In the past, Many old monk have to visit the King Palace for lecture, pray, have food. As our King is the centre. Jao Phrakhun Somdej Puttajarn ( Toh ) is the best of dharma lecture since King Rama 1st which given him class of "Nark Luang" at Wat Phra Kaw. In King Rama 2nd give him the ship called "Grapgunlaya Lungkagrasang" which is the special ship for the royal family for Somdej Toh personal use. ( This is very special, as legend didn't have such of this thing given to a monk by the King ). At time of King Rama 4th, our King pleased with the Lecture from Somdej Toh very much. Our King said "If didn't see KruaToh, feel a bit lonely. Once talk with KruaToh, i feel happy". Somdej Toh is a great lecture since he was a novice monk until B.E.2413 that time he was very old and cannot have food, pray, and lecture in King Palace. He gived his duty to Momjao PhraPuttabaht Pilun, then Somdej Toh left all things behind, made amulets batchs , ask painter to write his story to the wall of Wat Bangkhunphom ( Wat Intraviharn ) etc. Still many story and miracle of Somdej Toh purify strong haunted spirit such as NangNark of Phrakanhong area in bangkok, thus i made this for short paragraph as i point this page for Phra Somdej amulets, the greatest holy items he left behind.

PhraSomdej Kaizer created in B.E.2413 by Somdej Toh Wat Rakhang, give to the great King Rama 5th for his first time visit Europe. During his meeting with King Kaizer William the 2nd in germany. King Kaizer see the light shining out from King Rama 5th's pocket. Then King Kaizer asked what does our King have in his pocket, King Rama 5th take out the amulet and tell him that this is thailand amulet which thai people faitefully belive, keep close as holy item for protection. And a remembrance of the power of Buddha, to bring good mind and happiness.

King Kaizer William really like this holy item from Thailand, our King then give PhraSomdej to him as a gift. King Kaizer received and then pray like thai people before put the amulet in his pocket. The same thing happened with the shinning light. All the followers are wonders, the story have told of this famous amulet create by Somdej Toh. People called them PhraSomdej Pim Kaizer since then.

"PIM KAIZER" which Somdej Puttajarn Toh create the single mold by his own hand.

"Phra Somdej"

Somdej Puttajarn ( Toh ) started which years? no one know. No one can find the evidence. But the reason have been said in 2 way that Somdej Toh made amulets bless/chant then give to the people, no limit for amount, no batchs. Another way said that Somdej Toh plan to made 84,000 of Phra Somdej amulets to keep save in jaydee(the pit under the pagoda) for the further expantion of religion afther his death as the elder did. In present day we all reckon that Somdej Toh made Phra Somdej from Wat Rakhang not up to the limit as he said 84,000 amulets for sure! For reason that once Somdej Toh talked to his cousin ... "I think i wouldn't make up to 84,000" that why the firstly batch made and keep save in the jaydee at Wat Katechaiyo, later batch were give among people. And some are left at Wat Rakhang and was rented all at his death funeral, very sure in B.E.2415 as my granpa was there.

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