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Info > Hanumarn

Legend of Somdej Phra Puttajarn To Promransri, Thailand

Hanumarn is one of the main character in Ramakaya story, the white monkey with destructive power. He can have 4 heads and 8 arms when he transform into a giant. The powerful god warlord serve under PhraRarm the reincarnate of PhraNarai 3 greatest gods of hindu. Hanumarn is a powerful god, the fur of diamond, crystal canine, his yawn create stars and the moon.

While sleeping in his giant form protecting his lord from asura giants

Hanumarn can transform himself into a giant, extend his tail. He's also invincible, he's the son of the "wind" and "savaha" even when he died, just a wind blow he'll revive. In Thailand, the muay-thai kick boxer do chant hanumarn's mantra first before enter the ring. The effective of mantra do work as when the boxer get knock down, a wind blow will bring him back. Many spell tattoo as his image.

The personality of hanumarn in ramakaya story said that he is a brave man and heart of warrior, he born with charm and attractiveness. He is the most trust captain of PhraRarm, and only by him he could destroy PhraRarm's rival "Todsagun" by burning the whole giants city with a permanent fire light up on his tail. He receive 5,000 concubine and nopburi town as reward after the war.

In Thailand, Hanumarn amulets protect from evils/darkness. Destroy all obstacles, dangers and misfortune. Make success in career.

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