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Info > Offer Buddha statues at WatNongphong B.E.2553

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Offer Buddha Statue with support from around the world B.E.2553(2010)

Mr.Karabao offer the best quality Buddha statue in the province.

On Sunday 15th August 2010, going to offer 50"inch width size Buddha statue (USD$2,500) among other items to Wat Nongphong temple in Thailand Nakhonratchasima province. This is a poor temple with 6 monks and temple need of Buddha statue for people to pray. We've booked the schedule with an abbot in the morning. You can see that each pole have villagers's names booked on it, 3,000-5,000 baht. Old people conducted good karma for their next fortune.

It's a good tradition in Thailand and chain of good karma to ask people around for support and donation. When offer big Buddha statue, elders will not recommend to do it alone for next life will have no one to share a part of good karma together or no buddhism companion and true friends. Your name will craft on the Buddha statue for generations.

People offer big Buddha statue for Buddhist religion, for other people to find peaceful and happiness when pray to Buddha, for monks at the temple to pray everyday chanting mantras and pray to Buddha before having food and dana blessing in the morning. For lost people to find his way when meet and pray to Buddha and all his teaching, for young people and next generation.

Offer Buddha statues believe and teach by many elders monks that bring the blessing from gods/deva, bring the blessing from elders/ancestors's spirits who pray to Buddha and Buddhist's religion for 2,500+ of years to prayer's fortune. Also the person will have protection aura and one of highest way to conduct good karma toward Buddhist religion. Good spirits alway protect the person so they can continue doing good karma.

WatNongphong was on national tv few years ago, the temple wasn't look after by monk's council and government like any offiicial temple in Bangkok, none holy items were made to gain donation.

The temple mainly supported by donation from visitors and "Gatin"(Gaining donation) ceremony.

Here is the place for Buddha statue, where monks will sit on the right hand side blessing/chanting mantras for their practise with villagers and having foods/dana.

Each poles have supporter's names by many villagers to build this place. Later when the place is finish, their name will craft on this pole.

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